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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

How It Works

All American Storage box sales is Located at 5839 49th Street in Lubbock, TX (49th and Frankford).  Look for the red, white and blue storage facility with 14 American flags flying above the buildings.  806-792-6464

Sell Us Your Used Boxes

We pay cash for your used, cardboard moving boxes.  Boxes must be professional moving boxes. No retail product boxes, please. Moving boxes are typically plain brown, and they sometimes have moving brand names on them, such as Allied, United, or U-Haul, to name a few.  Boxes should be flat.  Do not remove tape.  Here's what we pay:

  • Small Box 16x12x12                   .10
  • Medium Box 18x18x16              .20
  • Large Box 18x18x24                   .20
  • X-large Box 24x18x24                .20
  • Dishpack Box 18x18x28            .30
  • Wardrobe & Bar 18x210x47   1.25
  • Lamp Box 12x12x40                  .20
  • Speciality Boxes -Call for Price Paid

 ***For a limited time, Free Saturday pickup of used boxes within the city limits of Lubbock. Must have at least 30 boxes.***

Buy Used Boxes

Used  moving boxes at great prices. 

  • Small Box 16x12x12                                .50
  • Medium Box 18x18x16                         1.00
  • Large Box 18x18x24                              1.25
  • X-Large Box 24x18x24                          1.50
  • Dishpack Box 18x18x28                        2.00
  •  Wardrobe 18x20x47                             5.00
  • Lamp Box 12x12x40                              1.50
  • Speciality Boxes -Call for Price and Availability 

We Pay Cash for Used Boxes and Sell Them at Great Prices.  

Occasionally, we buy clean, retail boxes, packing paper and bubble on a space available basis.  Call with the amount that you have and we'll give you a quote.  806-792-6464

Recycle those used moving boxes and earn extra money. Bring them by All American Storage in Lubbock.  For a limited time we offer FREE Saturday pickup of your used boxes.  Call for details:  792-6464

Used Boxes are a Good Thing!